The rich red soils of Barossa’s western ridge are today home to some of this country’s most admired red wines. But step back a generation or two, and this land was producing prize winners of another kind.

From the finest bloodlines, prepared and presented with the same meticulous attention now accorded their wines, ‘Lienerts of Sheaoak Log’ was in its day Australia’s finest pig stud. Winning championship ribbons and fetching record prices, it was said these mythical beasts were ‘worth their weight in gold’.

Today, brothers John and James continue the winning ways of their forefathers as Lienert Vineyards. Displaying many characteristics desired of a best in class pig, their wines show a good head, strong back, magnificent top line and back end, great length and beautiful balance, and as and when required, a well fleshed belly!

We name this place Tierra del Puerco – ‘Land of the Pigs’, having the highest regard for our land and the bounty it brings, with each wine proudly bearing the name of a champion Lienert pig of yesteryear.