Current Vintage: 2021
Named to honour a porcine princess who won gold at the Royal Adelaide Show in 1968. Heaping more glory on the name Lienert, driving buyers with large shiny trucks to the doors of the family farm in search of the finest porkers.
Tirzah is a Hebrew name meaning delight or pleasantness. It works so beautifully with the latest addition to our “piggy” range.
Along the gentle undulating slope of the land my father proudly proclaimed ‘Tierra del Puerco’ lies a youthful and vibrant Malbec vineyard, tended by the enigmatic Jack West. Aka John Lienert. Aka my older brother. Aka ‘the grape whisperer’. Aka…time to get on with the story.
Each and every day, complementary biodynamic rays of sunshine lather the red earthy soils, enticing the Malbec to sing. Which song we know not, for we have yet to learn ‘Malbec’. Regardless, sing it does, and it sings really bloody well! We think this to be an officially shit hot place for a welcome stranger to Shiraz country.
Our second release, with just 8 barrels produced…and currently top of the charts with The Real Review as Australia’s best Malbec!
A second chance to play in the winery. To discover more of the ways of the Malbec and how we can coax the best from this spiced, red fruited black beauty. We’ve uncovered aromas of all spice, rhubarb, pomegranate, milko bars, redskins, thyme, black tea, apple skin, clove, petrichor, sage, tar, lemongrass, strawberry, cherry, blackberry, santa rosa plum. On the palate fresh acid, spice, plum and cherry, coffee, raspberry, rosemary, thyme, fine tannin, and a lovely savoury edge. All the typical malbec characters. Designed to go down the gullet and not into the cellar. As our Malbec journey continues, we’ll endeavour to contract the descriptors to a mere mouthful.”