Current Vintage: 2020

a beautifully presented Shiraz with a strong back, great length and a well fleshed belly

Field Marshall was the prized porker in the stable. Shiraz the prized grape in our Barossa vineyard. Being a ‘studly’ boar, ‘FM’ was the focus of many a fair lady’s attentions. In that vein we have made a wine befitting the Chris Hemsworth of the porcine world. Both intense and richly flavoursome, but also having restraint, tension and elegance. Field Marshall (aka ‘Chris’) was quite the gentle character….unlike that utter bastard Jake (another boar) who used to scare the crap out of me as a kid.

Whilst Shiraz is said to define the Barossa as a wine region, it is a highly versatile beast and can be made in any style that is desired. For this wine we have chosen to go down the sensual and elegant path. A melange of bright red and brooding dark flavours, complex savoury and oaken elements and fine structure. A wine of classic beauty and elegance in the way of Bridgette Bardot, but equally voluptuous and upfront like Raquel Welch. Call me old fashioned if you will, but I’m a fan of the classics.

Made from estate grown Shiraz harvested in the cool of the night. We hired a saxophone player to play Careless Whispers all night to the grapes to make them even cooler, and fermented them in open fermenters at low temperatures to ensure the delicate aromatics were retained. Aged in seductive, mature French oak barrels for 15months and bottled without fining. Best enjoyed with hand fed chocolate truffles in front of a fireplace on a bearskin rug with your loved one, Phil Collins on the stereo.